The Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society

Helping Rural Alberta Make the Most of It’s Forest

AWES is a non-profit organization encouraging sustainable forest management through conservation and restoration.

Our mission, deeply rooted in scientific knowledge, is to share with others the value of trees. We are proud to be an organization who’s primary focus is empowering and supporting environmental stewards at a community level. AWES works to build capacity through education and helping others successfully develop & deliver environmental restoration projects, permaculture projects and agricultural shelterbelts.

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Education, Planting Support & Capacity Building

Our events and publications provide information in the following subject areas:


Our events and publications provide information in the following subject areas:

  • Woodlot Management Planning
  • Riparian Restoration (wetland)
  • Shelterbelts and Eco-Buffers
  • Alley Cropping, Silvopasture, Food Forests and Permaculture
  • Enhancing Habitat for Wildlife (including Building Houses for Bumblebees and Birds)


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Planting Support and Capacity Building:

We provide direct assistance to landowners, municipalities, and rural individuals with:

  • Planting project design and implementation
  • Woodlot Management Plan development
  • Tree health assessment
  • Planting &  maintaining forested areas
  • Restoration & bioengineering planning
  • Restoration work including staking, vegetation management, and planting
  • Community capacity building through train-the-trainer workshops
  • Municipal policy guidance and development workshops




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