Riparian Forest Enhancement and Management Training

Services: Extension, Management, Restoration, Riparian

2018 Update:

Riparian Management Courses were held in Brazeau County, Lacombe County, Lac Ste Anne County, Northern Sunrise County, Mountain View County, Rocky View County, and Grande Prairie County beginning  in fall of 2017 and ending in fall of 2018 with positive responses and reviews including:

“I work in the oil and gas industry planning and building roads and wellsite’s. The facilities are constantly around riparian areas. This course is valuable for the management of these locations.” – Participant in Grande Prairie County

“It is a good, informational course. Well worth the time invested. Instructors are both extremely passionate as well as very knowledgeable in their fields.” – Participant in Brazeau County

“The course made me more aware of alternate methods of implementation for a desired result.” – Participant in Lacombe County 

We also facilitated 5 skills development workshops in the counties of Grande Prairie, Lacombe, Parkland, Wetaskawin, and Flagstaff. Activities in the workshops included planting seedlings, planting stem cuttings, and conducting riparian health assessments. Below are some photos from the workshop in Wetaskawin where participants planted trees and shrubs around an ephemeral wetland.

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Project Description

AWES is working with the Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (Cows and Fish) and twelve counties to deliver training in riparian management and restoration. Over a period of three years, AWES and partners will deliver:

  • Five “skills development workshops”, single-day events where landowners gain practical skills in riparian management and restoration.
  • Eight “Riparian Management Courses”, two-day courses that help landowners develop a sustainable management plan for their riparian areas.
  • Five informational factsheets on topics related to riparian management and restoration.
  • The goal of all of this work is to provide landowners with the knowledge and skills to realize the many benefits of their riparian areas while contributing to improved stewardship of the watershed more broadly.

Start Date: June 2017
End Date: June 2019
Funder: Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program of Alberta Environment and Parks