Our Mission

AWES exists to increase awareness of the economic, social and environmental values of agroforestry and woodlots in the agricultural landscape. AWES promotes responsible woodlot and agroforestry management by providing support and extension services to landowners, land stewards and others who influence land use practices in Alberta.

Our Vision

To provide forestry and agroforestry based solutions, products and services that are increasingly
used to enhance the social, economic and environmental values for private and public lands in


Vision – Supporting Statements:

• AWES will offer products and services (extension, promotion, consultation) to its clients
and members.

• Through extension, promotion and facilitation AWES will enhance the capacity and
knowledge of organizations operating within our scope to realize our vision.


Supporting Policy & Resource Statements:

• AWES Board will operate as a policy board that provides support and direction to AWES
staff & volunteers.

• An annual operation plan will provide the financial means to increase the number of
programs and projects at multiple locations to enable the efficient and effective delivery of
AWES programs and services.

• A marketing plan embedded in the operational plan will assist in guiding future
opportunities for funding and partnerships.


AWES Mandate:

Due to the lack of organizations, companies and agencies delivering tree centered solutions within
the province of Alberta, a group of agencies and organizations established AWES to address the
economic, social and environmental values of trees. Through on the ground projects, AWES
facilitates the implementation of practices to realize these values.