Project Management

Project Management Services

Are you a landowner or manager who needs tree-related assistance? AWES has extensive experience in agriculture, tree planting, horticulture, and tree health.

AWES offers the following project management services:

  • Assessments and Consultation Services. Our technicians and specialist are able to perform a site assessment through a site visit or online consultation and provide:
    • advice on projects or trouble shooting
    • reference information, including potential regulatory requirements
    • help you develop your project plan
    • Developing a planting design
    • Finding grants to help cover your costs
  • Designing and implementing planting projects, such as woodlot enhancements, shelterbelts, Eco-Buffers, riparian restoration, food forests, wildlife habitat, and others. Services can include:
    • Providing advice on site preparation and maintenance
    • Ordering, storing, and delivering stock
    • Planting the stock (trees)
    • Tree care & troubleshooting
    • Conducting a tree survival assessment after planting
  • Woodlot Management Consultation. Management of your woodlot increases the social, environmental, and economic benefits of your forested land. Our AWES technician’s are able to develop a management plan to make your forests work for you!  Learn more about Woodlot Management Plans here.
    • Woodlot management consultation
    • Woodlot plan development
    • Woodlot pest management/ Fire-smart plans/ Aging Woodlot Restoration Plans
    • Conducting a tree health assessment, involving diagnosing diseased or dying trees and recommending management strategies

We may be able to help you out with other tree-related services beyond those listed above, or put you into contact with someone who can.

If you interested in having AWES provide one or more of these project management services on your property, please fill out the “Consultation Request Form” below. The information you provide in the form will help us to respond quickly with a quote for coming out to do an initial site assessment. Note that free site assessments are available within certain counties that have a “Retainer Agreement” with AWES. Contact us for more information.

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