Shelterbelt & Ecobuffer Project

Services: Extension, Management, Wildlife

The Shelterbelt & Ecobuffer project supports landowners through developing skills to sustainably manage vegetated lands and enhancing greenhouse gas management knowledge.


The goal of this project is to increase landowners’ capacity for sustainable management of vegetated lands which will result in enhanced biodiversity and carbon capture. Through interactive discussions and the delivery of hands-on skill development, these workshops will provide knowledge that will lead to more habitat for birds, insects, and wildlife, improved biodiversity and an enhancement in overall value of the property.

Current Shelterbelts and Ecobuffer projects are eligible for funding through the 2 Billion Trees Western Coalition. Click Here to let us know about your project and apply for funding. All inquiries welcome.


This educational program was funded through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) until February 2022.

Future funding applications are underway to support continued delivery of this program.
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