Wildlife Corridors Project

Services: Extension, Wildlife

Alberta Wildlife Corridors – A guide to maintaining, developing, and understanding wildlife moving through Alberta’s landscape.

The Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society’s (AWES), Alberta Wildlife Corridors presentation series provides education on the importance of connectivity between natural areas as a critical factor in supporting biodiversity, native species, and overall landscape ecology utilizing examples of active restoration projects. In Alberta, many common structures act as wildlife corridors providing not only food and shelter for wildlife but also opportunity for wildlife to move between suitable habitats throughout our landscape. AWES aims to engage Albertans in conversation about woodlots, shelterbelts, eco-buffers, and riparian buffers as wildlife corridors and provide information on the role of trees in these vital structures.

Start Date: April 2021
End Date: March 2022

Current Wildlife Corridor restoration projects are eligable for funding under the 2 Billion Trees Western Coalition grant program. Click Here to let us know more about your project. All enquiries welcome!

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This project is funded by the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA).