Train-the-Trainer Workshops

Services: Extension, Management, Restoration

True to AWES’ mission, the Train-the-Trainer project  builds capacity by inspiring community leaders who will train other individuals one-on-one or in groups.

This project supports the training of groups of individuals on skills and practices relevant to sustainable management and enhancement of forested lands. Topics covered range from site assessments, tree health, shelterbelt and eco-buffer development and others that fall into the environmental management scope. The goal of these sessions is to increase the knowledge base at the municipal government level, and increase the capacity to manage vegetated lands and their contribution to greenhouse gases management.



Interested in hosting a  Train-the-Trainer workshop? Contact us outlining your interest and your workshop costs may be covered by our Current Funder.

Current funding through Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) until February 2022.


Future funding applications are underway to support continued delivery of this program.
Forward your letter of support to today.