Native Species Database

AWES Native Agroforestry Species Database

Welcome to AWES’ database of native agroforestry species for Alberta! The database includes information on the growth characteristics and site preferences of trees and shrubs that are naturally found in Alberta’s grasslands, aspen parkland, foothills, or boreal forest. It is intended to help land owners and managers select well-adapted, functional species for agroforestry projects such as shelterbelts, Eco-Buffers, riparian buffers, woodlot enhancements, alley cropping, silvopasture, or food forests. How to use this tool.
This database was created by AWES, with support from Cows and Fish (Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society) and the Alberta Native Plant Council. Contact AWES for a list of references used. Financial support for this database was provided by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.
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