Blindman River Restoration Project

Services: Management, Restoration, Riparian

Project Overview

In 2018, AWES initiated the Blindman River Restoration Project with partners that include Cows and Fish, the Red Deer River Watershed Alliance, and the Counties of Lacombe, Ponoka, and Red Deer. The goal of this Project is to initiate restoration activities and changes in management that:

  • Mitigate drought, flooding, and water quality concerns
  • Create and enhance wildlife habitat
  • Allow for various land-use activities (e.g. grazing, recreation) to be continued in a sustainable manner


Project Activities
With the help of our partners, landowners, staff, and volunteers, activities will include:

  • A GIS-based Riparian Assessment for the majority of the Blindman River (from the town of Bluffton to its confluence with the Red Deer River)
  • Riparian Health Inventories to identify status of riparian zones
  • Grazing plans to provide alternative management options for ranchers along the Blindman River
  • Planting native trees and shrubs along the banks and riparian zones of the river
  • Promotion of and development of a stewardship group for the Blindman River sub-basin



Riparian Areas as Wildlife Corridors

Native Riparian Wildflowers for Central Alberta

Common Willows of the Blindman River

A Tale of Two Toads


Start date: 2018
End date: 2021
Funder(s): Alberta Environment and Parks-Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program, and private funding.

Articles in the news about the project:

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