Women in STEM & Leadership Project

Services: Extension, Management

An opportunity for women to come together, build skills, and network.

The women in STEM and leadership project will offer technical classes, soft-skill workshops, and opportunities for mentorships. All extension material will be specially designed for women to build their capacity in both leadership and technical topics in safe and supportive environments.

This program will decrease barriers faced in the workplace by women by providing overall support to those working in STEM, and the most likely to be impacted by barriers related to gender, isolation, culture, language, and disability.


Overcoming gender bias, harassment, and exclusionary workplace culture.

Workplace barriers including gender bias, harassment, exclusionary workplace culture, as well as many other known contributors to the lack of equal representation of
women in STEM fields.

Studies have found that women having strong mentoring and peer networks can help strengthen women’s self identification with stem and eventually help them progress to high-level STEM careers.


A professional community created for women, by women.

As a primarily woman run organization, AWES’ experience working in the environmental field with a large network of STEM professionals allows us to bring a unique understanding of the barriers and needs of women in STEM.

We are proud to support the development of a more diverse workforce in the STEM field of conservation and environmental restoration.



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