Shelterbelt and Eco-buffer Workshop: Planting, Care and Design

AWES is heading south for the winter!

Join AWES staff and Wheatland County as we embark on a Shelterbelt and Ecobuffer learning journey, February 22, 2020 from 1-430PM at the Wheatland County Administration Office.

During the workshop participants will learn about:
• The Benefits of Shelterbelts and Ecobuffers
• How to establish and rejuvenate shelterbelts on your property
• Optimizing your design for pollinators, fruit production, water quality enhancement, and mitigating high winds and flooding
• Tips and Tricks to ensure maximum success in your planting project including plant choice, ordering, site prep, planting, and mulching

Participants may choose to design a shelterbelt or ecobuffer for their property with the help of the Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society.

This will ALSO be the first opportunity for local landowners to apply for Wheatland County’s new Shelterbelt and Eco-Buffer funding program!

Refreshments will be provided, and there is no cost to participants!

Simply register with Wheatland County’s Gay Mowat at 403-361-2166 or at by February 19, 2020