Managing New and Existing Shelterbelts and Eco-buffers

Join Beaver County and the Agroforestry and Woodlot Extension Society (AWES) for an informative evening of Shelterbelt and Eco-buffer management strategies on March 10, 2020 from 3pm-8pm at the Holden Community Hall (Holden, AB).

AWES staff will present best management practices for existing shelterbelts and ecobuffers, including conducting tree health assessments, and managing health issues such as pest, disease and environmental damages such as winter die off.

Learn to:

  • Apply assessment strategies learned in the workshop
  • Complete a design and maintenance plan for your property

This will be an chance to discuss opportunities available for funding and project development in addition to establishment, species selection and site preparation among other topics.

Come prepared for an outdoor field component. Weather permitting we will visit a nearby shelterbelt or wooded area to discuss management and rejuvenation options.

Free workshop, dinner included.

RSVP by March 2, 2020 on Eventbrite or by contacting AWES at 780-643-6732 or