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  • Farewell to Luke Wonneck, Agroforestry Specialist

    AWES would like to take a moment to thank Luke Wonneck, previous Agroforestry Specialist, for his continued efforts and dedication to project management and relationship building with AWES and their clients. Luke was AWES’ go-to extension specialist and will be greatly missed.

    Luke moved on to pursue a PHD in Sociology from the University of Alberta in September 2019. He will continue to focus his work and studies on changing perspectives of farmers and agricultural land managers and hopes to determine what it is that causes ‘conventional’ agriculture to be commonplace over other forms of agriculture. Luke is also partnering with AWES on a variety of upcoming projects, including the Earthworks for Cold Climate Water Resiliency workshop series, and the Two Hills Volunteer Tree Planting activity to be carried out in Spring 2020 in conjunction with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance.

    The Crop Diversification Centre North Team sent Luke off with a signature piece, a Tree welded by one of our herald site mechanics. A fitting tribute to his time in Agroforestry.