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  • Clearwater County Ag Tour 2019: Feature on Agroforestry Systems and Competition Control

    August 20, 2019 was the 32nd installment of the West Country Ag Tour (WCAT) hosted by Clearwater County.

    AWES was invited to speak at the event on topics including shelterbelts, eco-buffers and pollinator habitat. Additional presentations were given by GWFA, Benalto Ag, Medicine River Wildlife Centre (and Ottis the Owl), and equipment demonstrators Alex Fuengling and Henry Askes.

    Noel St. Jean of AWES promoted the idea of eco-buffers to attendees, focusing on some of the physical and ecological services that eco-buffers provide, in addition to logistics including competition control and mulching, tree spacing, combating wildlife and browse pressure, and tree species selection. He also made recommendations for additions to Clearwater County’s trial eco-buffer, which was planted in 2018 and is maintained by county staff.

    For more details see the Western Producer article here.