Streambank Restoration Project – Video Release

Join us for the , and learn about our efforts to increase resilience of Alberta’s land!

Water- while critical to humans and their activities, its actions can also cause problems, such as erosion. Water is fluid, needs room to move so that it can help us by recharging groundwater, providing habitat and providing drinking water.

Every spring overland flows race towards the stream on Graham Powell’s 3rd generation La Glace farm. He knew he was losing land due to erosion. The stream could not access a floodplain. Restoration was needed and the AgroForestry & Woodlot Extension Society, Alberta Conservation Association, the County of Grande Prairie, Cows and Fish and the Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance joined together with Watershed Artisans and Graham Powell and began to restore the Niobe Creek Watershed. We are excited to share the process with you all!

On December 15, 2020, you will have the opportunity to learn more about this restoration, the organizations behind the project, and their current and future endeavors to increase riparian resilience, improve and provide wildlife habitats, reduce flood risk, and provide sustainable solutions to heal Alberta’s land, water and the riparian areas in between.

There will be a chance to win a $50 doorprize at the end of the session. We look forward to celebrating this project with you!