Wild raspberry

Wild raspberry

Rubus idaeus

Plant Characteristics

Plant Type Small Shrub
Height (m) 1-2
Width (m) 1-2
Growth Rate Medium
Pollination Strategy Animal
Flower Period June, July
Forage Value Poor
Fruit Type Berry
Edible Fruit Yes
Fruit/Seeds Available Summer
Traits Spreads Fast, Suckering

Site Characteristics

Natural Region Boreal, Aspen Parkland, Foothills, Grassland
Soil Texture Clay, Loam, Sand
Drainage Moderate - Well
Moisture Tolerance Moist, Average
Sun Exposure Full
This database was created by AWES, with support from Cows and Fish (Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society) and the Alberta Native Plant Council. Contact AWES for a list of references used. Financial support for this database was provided by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.
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