Megan Andre, P.Ag.

Megan Andre, P.Ag.

CEO/Executive Director

Cell: 780-242-9855 Office: 780-242-9855 Email:

Meet Megan

AWES CEO/Executive Director Megan Andre brings 20+ years of professional experience in traditional agriculture, forestry, and reclamation. Her background includes forestry reclamation, regulatory compliance, farming in central Alberta (Flagstaff County), and rural community development. Megan was elected to join the Alberta Institute of Agrology Council in 2022 where she has the opportunity to lead the development of the practice of Agrology. She’s an active volunteer in Alberta’s not-for-profit community, and excited about bringing together projects & partners to do great work. In her free time, Megan enjoys running and teaching her tween children about tree services.

Megan’s favourite accomplishment is co-founding the AWES Western Coalition with non-profit partner Shannon Frank of the Oldman Watershed Council. Together they aim to support rural communities restore trees and sustainable ecosystem across the Canadian Prairies.