Company Planting Projects

Services: Management, Restoration

Forest Recovery Canada is a national tree planting effort with a focus on enhancing forest cover and connectivity across Canada.  In 2018, AWES received funding from Forest Ontario/Forest Recovery Canada for 4 tree planting projects with the following companies:

These companies were able to plant trees as part of their environmental commitments and in support of greater habitat, clean air and water, and a more resilient ecosystem. AWES serves as organizer and lead on the projects on behalf of the company.

AWES will find sites for planting, assess the sites, arrange with landowners, coordinate all the prep work (acquire seedlings, etc) and then manage the event on that day by educating and supervising the company personnel in the planting exercise.

If your company staff are interested in planting trees for a day next year, please contact us at

6000+ seedlings were planted this year!!!