Thank you so much for offering this course to landowners. I fully support this initiative and wish it continued success and momentum. I will follow up with Jalene + the county for work to be done in partnership with ALUS on our uplands (planting more shelterbelts and buffer zones between wetlands and cropped lands). Perhaps we can do this again with our adjacent neighbours along the river to get bigger, collective results for the Red Deer River.

AnonymousParticipant of a Riparian Management Course in Lacombe County

Over the past number of years, AWES has provided invaluable extension services to our Environment and Community Sustainability team, not only for our stewardship programs, but also in terms of on-site consultations, workshops, field tours, and public events. Their diverse selection of services ensure that every individual’s inquiries and anticipations are met with years of knowledge and experience.

Krista QuesnelManager of Community Sustainability, Parkland County

Our goal of restoring these environmentally sensitive areas on our farm simply would have not happened if it weren’t for the valuable help of AWES. The team at AWES was incredibly professional and knowledgeable and we can’t thank them enough for their contribution to our farm and the environment.

Tyler and Chrystal GoertzenFarmers, Dirt Rich Farm, Red Deer County

If I have a landowner that has some tree planting ideas, AWES is a great resource for designing and implementing those projects. I am very thankful to work with AWES.

Jalene MakusAssistant Agricultural Fieldman, Lacombe County