Frequently Asked Questions

I have some mature trees that I think might have some timber value. Who might be interested in harvesting them?

Whether or not someone is interested in harvesting your trees depends a lot on your location, the amount of trees that could be harvested, the quality of wood, and ease of access. Contact AWES with this information and some pictures of the trees, and we’ll put you in contact with anyone we think might be interested. Otherwise, you can consult Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Wood/Forestry Services Listings to find a manufacturer, mill, or firewood business near you.

Where can I get seedlings for tree planting projects?

There are a number of different nurseries across Alberta selling tree and shrub seedlings for use in planting projects. For a complete, up-to-date listing of nurseries selling native species in Alberta (used most commonly in our planting projects), we recommend that you refer to the Alberta Native Plant Council homepage and click on the link under the “Native Plant Source List” heading.

Where can I get funding for tree planting projects?

You may be able to get planting project funding from a number of different sources, including municipal, provincial, and federal government programs; or grants from industry or other non-governmental organizations. In certain cases, AWES may have funding (or may be able to acquire funding) to support planting costs. Usually, funding is specific to a particular region, type of planting project, and/or type of landowner. For more information, please contact AWES via the Contact Us page.