Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society

Board Members

Noel St Jean, RPF

Executive Director  

Noel is involved in the development and distribution of extension services within the Province as well as management of planting and applied research projects. He is an active member within the Canadian Institute of Forestry and on the council of the Rocky Mountain Section. Noel possesses a Bachelor of Science degree on Forest Hydrology and Hydro-Geology and has been working in forest management for the past 25 years. He has experience working on both Public and private lands in forest management, reforestation and reclamation. Noel has worked in both government and industry across the entire province of Alberta.

Crop Diversification North RR6, 17507 
Fort Road Edmonton, AB T5B 4K3 
Phone:    (780) 643-6732
Cell:       (780) 245-5540
Fax:       (780) 422-6096 



Luke Wonneck, Agroforestry Technician

Luke is responsible for the design and implementation of agroforestry projects, and the development and dissemination of information on relevant management practices. He is particularly interested in finding and sharing ways of integrating forests into agro-ecosystems to help landowners meet their goals. Luke has a MSc in Environmental Policy from the University of Oxford, and a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Calgary.

Crop Diversification North RR6, 17507 
Fort Road Edmonton, AB T5B 4K3 
Phone:    (780) 643-2240 
Cell:       (587) 891-1325
Fax:       (780) 422-6096 


Nancy Mayo
President: County of Grande Prairie 
Nancy received her Bachelor of Science from Memorial University of Newfoundland where she focused her studies on Botany and Conservation. She has worked with The Canadian Forest Service; a private Environmental Consulting company and now the County of Grande Prairie. She has been involved in a variety of projects including agroforestry, forest operations, plant and ecosystem surveys and now agriculture. 

Roy Schmelzeisen
Vice President: Alberta Conservation Association
​​Roy is the regional lead for Alberta Conservation Association’s Land Management program in northeast Alberta.  Roy obtained his Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences at the University of Alberta.  He has worked with Alberta Conservation Association since 2000 and has been involved in a variety of projects which include endangered and data deficient species monitoring, habitat restoration, and the management of conservation areas. 

MikelJackman, RPFT
Past President: Daishowa - Marubeni International Ltd
Mikel is private land coordinator with DMI in Peace River.

Ken Lewis
Treasurer: Red Deer County
Ken Lewis is the Conservation Coordinator, Alternative Land Use Services Program Coordinator, and Environmental Farm Plan Technician for Red Deer County. Ken has been working with farmers and ranchers in Red Deer County on agro-environmental issues since 2007, and in other areas of Alberta and BC since 1997.

Benjamin Misener RTAg, CPT
Director: Brazeau County

​After graduating from Olds College with a Rural Land Use Planning Diploma in 2013, Benjamin began working for Brazeau County where he is currently employed as the Manager of Land & Environment and ALUS Coordinator. He deals with planning related matters, County owned lands and the ALUS program. Benjamin is involved with a variety of external committees and initiatives including the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, Canadian Association of Certified Planning Technicians and the Pembina Area Synergy group amongst others.

Pieter van der Schoot 
Director: Independent

Matthew Kieanapple
Director: Norbord Inc.

Krista Quesnel

Director: Parkland County

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